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As a service to SEMICON exhibitors, SEMI provides media accreditation to members of the working press. Accreditation is granted at SEMI’s discretion and provides access to the exposition and conferences solely for the purposes of reporting on the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, industry news events, new products, business development, and other news associated with SEMI expositions. Due to the number of requests received for press passes, media accreditation is limited to those acting in an editorial capacity for relevant publications or news organizations.

Please click the button below to open the press registration form.

Publishers/associate publishers, analysts, sales, advertising, PR, marketing, market research, technical support staff, consultants and exhibiting company personnel are not eligible for press credentials, except under special circumstances.

Persons issued press credentials are prohibited from advertising sales while at SEMICON and SEMI expositions. Press credentials will be revoked for anyone engaged in sales or solicitation activities.


Photography / Recording

  • Please use the discount code only for those who have applied for press registration.
    If more than one reporter registration is required, each person should apply for registration.
  • As a general rule, the exhibition booth and each conference are taken, and screen shots are not allowed to be saved.

If you want to shoot for the press, please do the following.
* Please obtain permission from each exhibitor when you take photos of exhibits and exposition.
* Slides available at the seminar venue can be downloaded from the first day of the session on December 11.
Please refrain from activities other than news coverage such as sales activities.