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Featured Speakers

Akira Amari

Chairperson, Research Commission on the Tax System/ Former Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy / a Member of the House of Representatives

Tadahiro Kuroda

Professor, Director
Graduate School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo

Yutaka Matsuo

Graduate School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo

Jay Gambetta

IBM Fellow and VP of Quantum Computing
IBM Quantum
IBM Research


SEMICON Japan 2019 写真


Executives from around the world from a wide range of fields, from semiconductor manufacturing to electronics applications, will be on stage.


Technical Business Sessions

This year's technical sessions will consist of 9 sessions with 18 speakers who will introduce the latest technology trends in Japan and abroad.


SEMI Market Forum

A must-attend forum for industry businesspeople that not only tracks market numbers but also explains the structure of the problem from multiple angles will be back, with two-part series. The first half of this year's session titled "The Future of U.S.-China Trade Friction," will focus on the confrontation between the U.S. and China over the global hegemony of information technology. The second half of the webinar will take a different perspective and is titled Semiconductor Supply Chain Growth Scenarios in the New Normal Era and will include the impact of COVID-19 on the market, inventory adjustments for memory products, and demand for key applications.


SEMI Technology Symposium (STS)

The first SEMI Technology Symposium (STS) was held in 1982, and this year marks the 39th anniversary of its inception. In this first virtual symposium, six topics will be presented in a compact format, each of which will last 30 minutes: equipment, next-generation devices, advanced devices and processes, advanced lithography, packaging, and testing. We will also provide a live author's interview (direct questioning between the participant and the speaker). Please note that no interpretation will be provided.



FHE, MEMS & SENSORS, the first ever virtual global conference focusing on technologies related to FHE, MEMS & SENSORS, will focus on three topics: sensor market outlook, flexible devices for emerging markets, and sensing devices for the smart home.


SEMI Business Solution

Exhibitor seminars that provide information on exhibitors' products and technologies that cannot be obtained only from the booths at the exhibition hall.


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