What is the policy on photographing/filming within the exhibition?

Photography is prohibited throughout the exhibition except in the following cases:

  • Exhibitors taking pictures of their own booths. However, prior to photographing, exhibitors must obtain a Photo Permission Badge from Show Management.
  • Media personnel wearing press badges. Provided they are wearing a press badge, members of the press and other media are permitted to photograph in the halls of the exhibition. Those with valid press badges are still required to obtain the consent of the exhibitor prior to photographing a particular booth. Photography by media personnel without press badges is strictly forbidden.

Recommendations for Exhibitors:

  • To discourage visitors from photographing your exhibit, please display a “No Photography” sign on the equipment and panels, etc, that make up your exhibit. An image file of the “No Photography” sign can be downloaded from the SEMICON Japan website.
  • As stated above, please obtain a badge from Show Management Support prior to photographing your own booth.
  • Please allow media personnel wearing valid press badges to photograph your booth. You will increase your exposure by doing so.
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