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清水 照士

Terushi Shimizu

Representative Director, President and CEO Sony Semiconductor Solutions

Apr. 1980      Entered Sony Corporation
Nov. 2003     CFO and Senior General Manager of Corporate Planning & Control Division,
                      Semiconductor Solutions Network Company, Sony Corporation
Sep. 2005      President of SoC Business Group, Semiconductor Solutions Network Company,
                      Sony Corporation
Apr. 2008     President of Nagasaki Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Jan. 2010      Senior General Manager of Planning & Control Division, Semiconductor Business Group,
                      Consumer Products & Devices Group, Sony Corporation
Oct. 2012      Deputy President of Device Solutions Business Group, Sony Corporation
Jun. 2013      SVP, Corporate Executive, Sony Corporation
Apr. 2016      Business Executive
                      Representative Director and President, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
Apr. 2018      Representative Director and President, Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Jun. 2018      Executive Vice President, Officer in charge of Semiconductor Business
Jun. 2019      Representative Director and President, Sony LSI Design Inc.
Jun. 2020      Senior Executive Vice President, Sony Corporation.
                      Representative Director, President and CEO, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation


Leaders Talks in the Semiconductor Industry - Part1: Strategies of Japan’s Leading Companies

Wednesday, December 16 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
The digital transformation of the world has exploded in the wake of the new coronavirus crisis. In this new normal era, remote work is now commonplace, and semiconductor technology is making it possible to connect to the world, close businesses and manage production from home. Top executives from Japan's leading semiconductor companies took the stage to talk about the nature of the industry and corporate strategies required in an era when everything is digital. Mr. Teruji Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions, will discuss the strategies of the sensor company and Mr. Toshiki Kawai, President of Tokyo Electron, will discuss the strategies of the equipment company. ★This session will be delivered on demand from December 17th to January 15th, 2021.