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ERS electronic : 50 Years of Thermal Innovation

Monday, December 14 | 10:30 am - 11:00 am

With the development of more advanced technologies in industrial sectors like automotive, telecommunications, clean energy and consumer electronics and appliances, comes a growing need for thermal management in semiconductor manufacturing.

Temperature has long been used as a parameter in wafer probing, but today it is not just needed for functional tests, but also for more challenging applications such as device characterization and calibration of values within the chip.

50 years ago, ERS electronic invented the first ever thermal chuck for wafer probing, and has since become the innovation leader in thermal management solutions for the semiconductor industry. In addition to the patented AirCool® technology for cold test down to -65°C, ERS has utilized its many decades of thermal know-how to develop thermal debonding and warpage correction solutions for Fan-out Advanced Packaging. The company develops and manufactures its products in its headquarters in Munich, Germany, but has a global presence with sales offices in the US and China, as well as distributors/service in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea, Taiwan and France.

In this presentation, the CEOs of ERS electronic, Klemens Reitinger and Laurent Giai-Miniet will reveal some of the secrets behind their award-winning products, including Ultra-Low Noise capability in the low femto-Ampere range, High Voltage/High Current up to 10kV/600A, Anti-Magnetic for minimal magnetic influence, and High Thermal Uniformity down to ±0.1°C.

With these technologies, ERS addresses some of the growing challenges in thermal management faced by the semiconductor industry today.


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