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Panel Discussion:The Future and Technological Challenges Opened Up by AI

Friday, December 11 | 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

English Subtitles will be provided.


Scenes of robotic interpretation and spaceship piloting in the "Star Wars" movies are becoming a reality, and conversations with AI systems are now an everyday sight. With the advent of deep learning and big data in this century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly penetrated into society and is changing our lives and work.
In this session, Professor Yutaka Matsuo and Professor Tadahiro Kuroda of the University of Tokyo, who are the leading AI researchers in Japan, will discuss the future possibilities opened up by AI and the cutting edge of the semiconductor technology that will be the hardware foundation of AI.

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This session will be delivered on demand right after the live broadcast untill January 15th, 2021.


松尾 豊

Yutaka Matsuo

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Recent Trends in AI and Deep Learning toward Post-COVID-19 Era
In this talk, we overview the trend of artificial intelligence especially on deep learning. Also we explain how deep learning technologies would evolve over time in the near future.
Toward the Post-COVID-19 era, we discuss the necessary changes in our society and businesses using AI and deep learning.

黒田 忠広

Tadahiro Kuroda

Professor, Director, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Brains, Computers and AI
The computer, born out of mathematics, has been realized using silicon in the form of chips, which achieved exponential growth in the last half century. With growth approaching its limits in recent years, chips have been evolving into AI chips through the adoption of machine learning and neural networks. Regarding how to prune neural networks, we can just learn from the human brain. Born out of the brain, how are AI chips going to develop while taking lessons from the brain? In this talk I will discuss AI from the semiconductor perspective.

小谷 真生子

Maoko Kotani

Business News Anchor