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In-Person Exhibition Booth Fees

(All payments must be made in Japanese Yen)

Booth Type SEMI member Non-member
Exhibitor Rate**
Regular Rate 2019/2020
Exhibitor Rate**
Regular Rate
(RAW Space)
380,700JPY 423,900JPY 514,800JPY 572,400JPY
(RAW Space)
169,200JPY 188,400JPY 228,800JPY 254,400JPY
128,600JPY 138,200JPY 158,400JPY 171,200JPY


  • * 2m x 1m decorated package includes hardwall structure, company name fascia, carpet, counter, stool, 1k watt electrical outlet, and lighting.

  • ** Special pricing for SEMICON Japan 2019 and/or SEMICON Japan 2020 Virtual exhibitors.

  • † RAW space is the rental of floor space only and does not include utilities, services, walls, carpet, furnishings, labor, or material handling.

  • 2mx2m(RAW Space) and 2mx1m(Decorated) are available only for pavilion booths.

Virtual Exhibition Booth Fee

(All payments must be made in Japanese Yen)

  SEMI member Non-member
Jul 1 to Aug 31
On and after Sep 1
July 1 to Aug 31
On and after Sep 1
In-Person Exhibitor 200,000JPY 400,000JPY 300,000JPY 600,000JPY
Virtual exhibit only 400,000JPY 600,000JPY

Package Booth

Our package booth decoration for the 3m x 3m or 2m x 2m RAW space booths will allow you to focus on serving your customers and advancing your business.

* 2m x 1m booth fee includes the decoration illustrated below.
* Package booth applications will be accepted through 出展者専用サイト that will be available to exhibitors in September.


2m (W) x 1m (D) x 2.7m (H)

Booth fee includes the illustrated decoration.


2m (W) x 2m (D) x 2.7m (H)

(tax not included)


3m (W) x 3m (D) x 2.7m (H)

(tax not included)

Package Booth Size   2m×1m 2m×2m 3m×3m
Back/Side Panels 1
Parapet 1
Company Name Board (W1500×H400) Japanese/English Black Gothic Font
Punch needle carpet Choose color (a color specified in pavilions)
Display Counter (W990 x D700 x H800) 1
Reception Counter (W900 x D450 x H800) 1 1
Pipe Chair 1
Fluorescent Lighting (40W) 1 1 2
Electric Outlet for 2 plugs 1
Electric Utility Fee 1kw


* The design of the company name board may change.
* Corner booths do not have wall partitions on aisle sides. You will be supplied with a fascia panel and company name plate instead.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation Date Cancellation Fee
By September 14 30% of the booth fee
On and after September 15 100% of the booth fee
Exhibiting Information Request Form


Customer Service

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