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常石 哲男

Tom Tsuneishi

Executive Chairman, Tokyo Electron

Date of Birth: November 24, 1952 

Mar. 1976  Graduated from Osaka University, Faculty of Engineering,  
Department of Communication Engineering
Career Record: 
Apr. 1976   Joined Tokyo Electron Ltd.
Jun.1987   Vice President, KLA Department
Oct. 1990   General Manager, SPE 3 Division
Apr. 1992   General Manager, Overseas Operation
Jun. 1992   Corporate Director
Jun. 1996   Senior Managing Director
Jun. 1998   Executive Vice President, Corporate Director
Jun. 2003   Vice Chairman of the Board
Jun. 2015   Executive Chairman
Jun. 2017   Executive Chairman, Representative Director
Jun. 2020    Executive Chairman (Present position) 

SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International)
Jul. 2010   Board of Directors
Jul. 2015   Vice Chairman of the Board
Jul. 2017   Chairman of the Board
Jul. 2019    Board of Directors (Present position)   



Grand Finale Panel: Challenges for the Sustainable Development of Semiconductor Industry

Friday, December 18 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Semiconductors have continued to grow over the past half century, and today they are a fundamental technology for all human activities. The unrelenting innovation should be the reason it has not become a commodity and kept it at the forefront of technologies. On the other hand, the world surrounding the industry is becoming increasingly divided, confrontational, and disparate due to the various issues that have been brought to light and accelerated by COVID-19, and as a result, the world is moving in the direction of greater social and economic distortion. Also, the COVID-19 crisis and the giga fires in Australia and the U.S. have raised global environmental awareness to an unprecedented level, and the introduction of a Carbon Boarder Tax is being discussed, especially in Europe. With the introduction of EUV lithography and the significant increase in energy consumption during semiconductor manufacturing, the semiconductor industry is expected to have an active debate on how to allocate the carbon credit across the supply chain and customers. A panel composed of executives of Japan semiconductor supply chain and a supervising ministry will discuss sustainable developments and innovations of our industry. Panelists are Hirohide Hirai, Deputy Director-General, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Atsuyoshi Koike, president of Western Digital Japan, Tetsuo Tsuneishi, chairman of Tokyo Electron and Mitsunobu Koshiba, chairman of JSR. ★This session will be delivered on demand from December 21th to January 15th, 2021.