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小谷 真生子

Maoko Kotani

Business News Anchor

Travelled to the former Yugoslavia and reported on the war situation in Bungei Shunju, a monthly magazine. 

Main newscaster, NHK-BS's "World Report", and NHK's "Good Morning Japan" and "Morning Wide"; 

TV Asahi's evening news broadcast "News Station." 1995, following Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, delivered reports from the ground.

Hosted TV Tokyo's "WBS (World Business Satellite)" covering developments in the Japanese economy and business. 
Has also hosted "National Election Special Coverage", and "The Challenge of Jack Welch: The Greatest Corporate Leader". 

Anchor, Broadcast Satellite (BS) Japan's "Kotani Maoko's KANDAN"; interviewed numerous CEOs and business leaders on topics ranging from corporate management to personal life.

Anchor, Broadcast Satellite (BS) Japan's nightly news programme, "Nikkei Plus 10".

UN WFP (World Food Programme) Adviser

IMC(International Media Council)member

Moderate at annual OECD Forum

TOYOTA Mobility Foundation member of the Board of Directors


Opening Panel: Challenges for Building a Prosperous Digital Society

Friday, December 11 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Digitalization, driven by the fourth industrial revolution based on semiconductor technology, is remaking everything around us to create a more efficient, convenient and prosperous society. However, as the saying goes, "data is the new oil," and there is a danger that the wealth will be concentrated in the hands of those who have the power to manipulate it, companies and nations. How to encourage the fair and healthy development of the digital society of the future is presented as a serious challenge for the world. Translated with (free version) ★This session will be delivered on demand from December 14th to January 15th, 2021.

Panel Discussion:The Future and Technological Challenges Opened Up by AI

Friday, December 11 | 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Scenes of robotic interpretation and spaceship piloting in the "Star Wars" movies are becoming a reality, and conversations with AI systems are now an everyday sight. With the advent of deep learning and big data in this century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly penetrated into society and is changing our lives and work. In this session, Professor Yutaka Matsuo and Professor Tadahiro Kuroda of the University of Tokyo, who are the leading AI researchers in Japan, will discuss the future possibilities opened up by AI and the cutting edge of the semiconductor technology that will be the hardware foundation of AI. Translated with (free version)