Sustainable Manufacturing Pavilion|Attend

Solutions supporting the expanding market in 200-mm lines for the upcoming IoT era…


For supply chain semiconductor manufacturing, which is expanding globally, a variety of solutions are demanded, such as for reduced investment, coping with environmental restrictions, division of manufacturing, and partnerships. The Sustainable Manufacturing Pavilion affords new partnership and business opportunities to used manufacturing equipment-related companies, manufacturing services, and environmental safety solution providers.  

Exhibitor List

Sustainable Manufacturing Pavilion Exhibitor List >>> 


Exhibition Target Area and Products

Optimized for 200-mm line services and products.

  • Used equipment: Sales, mediation, refurbishment, leasing, components, consumables

  • Remodeling or upgrading equipment

  • Cleanroom-related: Construction, air conditioning, electricity, water, gas, chemical liquids, energy saving, engineering

  • Environmental safety/chemical measures: Certification, testing, regulatory compliance, consultations

  • Others: Consultations, IP protection, human resources and logistics, foundry, post-process contracting 

Pavilion Location







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