Date: Wednesday, Dec.3  -  Friday, Dec 5   10:20-16:30
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Wed., Dec. 3

Thur, Dec. 4

Fri., Dec. 5

Opening Ceremony


Women in Business


Opening Keynote


Semiconductor Executive Forum



IT Forum


IoT Forum


SEMI Market Forum



2.5D/3D  IC Forum


GSA Forum


Manufacturing Innovation Forum



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  Wed., Dec. 3

























































































 Opening Session

 Women in Business

 Strategy for diversity spoken by Female Top Executives



Enterprises which effectively utilize female power show better management performances, and promotion of diversity becomes a global standard of enterprise strategy. Female executives in and out of Japan talk in a panel discussion reflecting their own experiences.




  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Axcelis 






   Akiko Sasaki 
   Broadcaster, TV Tokyo



  Opening Ceremony (OPEN AM9:00



 Opening remarks






Makiko Eda

Intel  K.K.




ST03Cognitive Assistance: Smart Machines Assist People

Chieko Asakawa

IBM Research-Tokyo,IBM Fellow

IBM Japan, Ltd.


Persons with disabilities have special needs, and such needs motivated inventions of many now standard technologies such as text-to-speech, optical character recognition and so on. We are now in the Smart Machine era in this decade, and special needs are driving the advancement of technologies such as intelligent voice dialogue systems, automated vehicle technologies, and so on. In this talk, I will discuss the near future around the conjunction between assistive technologies and information technologies by focusing of "Cognitive Assistance", which will be realized by applying cognitive computing technologies for assisting people's daily lives. 



ST05 Breaking Three Barries in Having a Career

Miwako Doi

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology


There are three barriers in having a career.  The first barrier is “no precedent.”  This barrier stands up against you through life.  Someone says that you are the first woman  or woman manager in our department or in our company, and so on.  The second barrier “no time, no resource” blocks you at you child-rearing or your promotion. After eliminate these two barriers, you gain more confidence and become conservative.  This is the third barrier “no expansion.”  The last barrier obstacles your development.  In my presentation,  I will introduce how to break these three obstacles based on my experiences.  



 Panel discussion














































































 Opening Keynote WoIoT_iconapplicationsoponsor2
   - Future brought by IoT -



Evolutional new services are expected by the progress of IoT technologies in various areas like environment, medical, education and transportation. Top executives in respective areas talk about society changes, innovation and future prospect which are brought about by IoT.



ST06 Accelerating Digitization The Dawning of an Era of Disruption and Creation

Chikatomo Hodo

President and Country Managing Director
Accenture Japan Ltd 


Digital is shaping a new world at dizzying speed. What is striking about this new situation is that more and more large organizations, outside of the IT industry, are leading the digital charge. The last decade may be seen as the playground of the digital start-ups?Twitter, Amazon?the coming decade will see the emergence of the traditional companies, backed up by huge resources cultivated over the years, start to exert their muscle. What businesses do in the next few years will be crucial in determining whether they can become a winner of the digital era, which is transforming not only business models but also society and industrial structure. More than ever, business leaders need to be able to look far ahead and get their organizations positioned to take advantage of what the new era brings. This session will delve into  the paradigm shifts created by the digital era, citing specific examples.



ST07ADigital Medicine:
Mobility and Connectivity Have Arrived.
Will We See Network Effect

Donald Jones

Chief Digital Officer
  Scripps Translational Science Institute 


Over 5000 startups globally and hundreds of efforts at Fortune 500 health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, consumer electronic OEMs and Telcos are digitizing and mobilizing health products and services. Health apps are already starting to make inroads both via adoption and transactions. Devices are coming fast and furious. Several categories of devices have the opportunity to scales to billions of units, others will reach millions of units. New health software and services are beginning to promise network effect. The question is where to look? New entrants to health, transforming health institutions, or Fortune 500 entrants to digital health? Mr. Jones will show where the market is and where it is going and suggest the areas that deserve attention.



ST08 Toyota's Efforts toward Future Mobility Society and Enriched Lifestyles

Tokuhisa Nomura

Executive General Manager Electronics Field
TOYOTA Motor Communications Technology


On the basis of the various environmental changes and market needs surrounding automotive, this presentation will introduce three topics below;
 - Development of next-generation eco-friendly cars for realizing "Sustainable Mobility"
 - Advanced driving support systems using automated driving technologies aiming for a society with "No Traffic Accidents"
 - New values created by connecting with customers and the society through vehicles
And also this presentation will show the expectation for automotive semiconductor needed for achieving these challenges.




ST09 Change the world by IoT

Yuzuru Utsumi


ARM has grown in tandem with the spread of mobile phones as the de facto standard of semiconductor processor IP. The company currently enjoys a share of more than 95% of the smartphone and tablet market, 35% of the networking market and 45% of the digital television market. ARM technologies are also being adopted for servers to meet growing low power consumption needs.  For IoT applications, ARM core has been adopted in the semiconductor parts that are essential elements of IoT system products.  ARM holds a partner community of more than 1,000 companies and provides the market with innovative technologies developed in collaboration with various companies. In this session, we will talk about market trends, the ARM vision for the future, how and what IoT will change the world from the semiconductor IP leader's point of view.

















































 Semiconductor Executive Forumapplicationsoponsor3
 - Innovation, without limits -WoIoT_icon



Top executives of the global semiconductor companies talk about the future prospect under the theme of unlimited innovation from both technology and business points of view, heading toward the creation of smart society and new business creation. This is a good opportunity to know the future of semiconductor industry which makes prosperous society.



ST10Toshiba’s Semiconductor and Storage Products Strategy to realize the “Human Smart Community”

Yasuo Naruke

Executive Offiicer, Corporate Executive Vice President and CEO,  Semi conductor & Storage Products Company

Toshiba is driving forward storage solutions for big data with our SSD, HDD and NAND flash memory, where Toshiba is a global technology leader and manufacturer. We are also reinforcing core technologies and capabilities in discrete semiconductor and system LSI. By bringing together all of these diverse technologies, Toshiba is providing industry-leading solutions for IoT and high-efficient energy systems. As we aim for growth through creativity and innovation, Toshiba will envision and realize the “Human Smart Community” as the future ideal.




EUV Lithography: Growth, Industrialization & Beyond

Nigel Farrar


EUV Marketing
 Vice President



 The Latest News-Lithography Update

   JSR Corporation




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  Thur., Dec 4 





 U.S. Commercial Service   WoIoT_icon applicationsoponsor1

 IT Forum


This is a highly welcomed forum, fully supported by American Embassy /Commercial Service Department. Top enterprises of IT industry in Japan and US talk about the future of business brought about by IoT. In this year a talk session by IT ventures is held in the latter part, joined by the chief editor of TechCrunch.



    Rika Saito   
    Commercial Specialist, Commercial Service,
    American Embassy



ST12 The innovation of cloud and device

Madoka Sawa

MTC Director Microsoft Technology
Microsoft Japan 



IT world has been shifting from PC-centric to Cloud and smart device integrated world.  I'll present and demonstrate smart work style and state-of-the-art lifestyle in which you can access to information anytime anywhere.




Shinichi Abe

Managing Director Enterprise Business
Google Japan, Inc.




ST14 LINE's Global Growth

Takeshi Idezawa

Chief Operating Officer
LINE Corp​.



Takeshi Idezawa will shed some light on LINE’s services and business models towards future growth and in particular ways to attract more users by tapping into new markets.


ST15The World of Startups that Rapid Prototyping Has Changed

Ken Nishimura

Chief Editor
TechCrunch Japan, AOL Online Japan


Takuma Iwasa President, CEO, Cerevo Inc.
Akinori Takahagi, CEO, Moff

Against the backdrop of trends such as the rise of IoT and Maker's Movement, funds and human resources are gathering at hardware startups. With the advent of 3D printers and crowdfunding, prototyping of hardware products and inception are beginning to change its way. In this talk session, I will ask two entrepreneurs who actually founded as a hardware startup.
















































































IoT ForumWoIoT_iconapplication
 - Strategies aim at the IoT Era -



What are the technologies and business models which lead the industry, facing  IoT era where R&D activities and commercialization of technologies and solutions are accelerated. Executives of world-wide representative enterprises survey the future outlook of IoT era, and talk about strategy of business and technology.



      Katsuhiko Hieda 
      Ph.D. General Manager, Research Planning Dept,
      JSR Corp



ST16The Internet of Everything: Capturing the Accelerated Opportunity

Tsuyoshi Kinoshita

Managing Director
Cisco Systems G.K. 


In the past year, the Internet of Things (IoT) has accelerated at breakneck speed: Unprecedented capital investments, extraordinary acquisitions and disruptive business models across multiple vertical industries continue to validate this enormous opportunity.  The Internet of Things is Here and Now evolving as The Internet of Everything which Cisco defines the IoE as bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before-turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries.  The session will share an industry perspective on the explosion of growth and accelerated opportunity for the IoE, and discuss how collectively we can capture this enormous opportunity.





ST17Intel IoT Strategy(TBD)

Kosuke Hirano

Senior Executive Officer, Business Development
Intel K.K.



When things start talking to each other?and the cloud?it catalyzes new ways of working, doing business, and living. Intel provides open and scalable building blocks to quickly develop secure IoT solutions that capitalize on these new possibilities. You need things, gateways, networks, cloud solutions, and services to realize your vision. We offer an extensive portfolio of products and ecosystem solutions that enable and accelerate your IoT projects.



ST18 Challenges of Image Sensor Development

Tomoyuki Suzuki

EVP, Corporate Executive, Charge of Corporate R&D, Device
Sony Corp.


Smartphones, for which total annual shipments now exceed 1 billion units, already feature cameras equipped with image sensors capable of capturing 10 million pixels. This level of camera performance is more than sufficient for taking snapshots of your daily life and sharing them with friends. This has been made possible due to the advancements in image sensor technology such as the column AD converter and backside-illumination structure. Going forward, we expect the performance and functionality of image sensors to further evolve, and that an even wider range of cameras will be installed, for instance in homes and in cars, not only for the purposes of photography, but also for the purposes of sensing. As such, we foresee the image sensor market continuing to expand at great pace.



ST019 Development of Smart Bio-Chips and rolling out to biomedical fields

Kazuaki Sawada

Department of Electrical & Electronic Information Engineering
Toyohashi University of Technology


We have developed bio image sensor chip, which visualize a movement of neurotransmitter, by fusion of LSI technology and biosensor technology. New measurement technology is necessary for developing new biomedical science. The smart bio-chip is capable to visualize genomic and cell information with highly sensitivity. Implementation of the technology will be tested for daily control of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and in future the technology will be expanded for the early diagnosis of diseases.

































































 SEMI Market ForumWoIoT_iconapplication


While the cost reduction by chip scaling is becoming difficult, chip demands are expected to grow in the comming Internet of Things revolution. This will lead significant change in the entire semiconductor supply chain in terms of both technology and business. In this forum, leading analysts will give insights on every stage across the semiconductor supply chain to help you to develop strategies into the future.

Presentation Materials Available to purchase!purchase icon
 [SD1] Downloadable presentation materials of SEMI Market Forum JPY5,400 



     Jonathan Davis


ST21Mega Trends Drive Global Electronics Industry Trend

Akira Minamikawa

Japan Office Representative, Electonics & Media
IHS global Inc.



Population growth, aging, urbanization is current WW MEGA trends. M2M and IoT is recent hot topics which is expecting to achieve effective use of resources, energy reduction, the smart medical. IHS analyze the impact what M2M and IoT change the electronic industry. 



ST23Market Dynamics Driving the Internet of Things

Jim Feldhan

SEMICO Research Corporation 


The Internet of Things has been touted as the next big thing.  What are the factors that will drive its growth?  Jim Feldhan will examine the trends within IoT, including development of sensor solutions including Sensor Fusion.  What are the markets that will see the adoption of IoT?  In addition to the growth factors, Semico Research will present its analysis on the need for standards and security.  Standards and security are potentially big gating factors to the growth of IoT.  What does it all mean for manufacturing capacity needs in the future?




Risto Puhakka

VLSI Research Inc. 




ST20SEMI Equipment and Materials Market Outlook

Dan Tracy

Sinior Director
SEMI Industry Research & Statistics


Presentation will cover the latest year-to-date equipment and materials information from SEMI, and include the market outlook for 2015 and 2016. Highlights will include fab investment trends into 2015.


  Fri., Dec 5 



















































 2.5D/3D ICs: applicationsoponsor4

Recent Advances in the Industry


Although the expectation of mass production of 2.5D/3D is increasing, its schedule varies among the different manufacturers.  Technology executives of leading enterprises talk about 2.5D/3D in various aspects such as process, cost, ramping status, equipment situations, and show the scenario to leap for success.



    Shoji Uegaki   
    Director, Business Development
    ASE Group 



ST242.5D/3D IC for New Wave SiP

CP Hung

Corporate R&D, Vice President 
ASE Group


3D IC technologies release the limit of existing SoC (System on Chip), and also enabling comprehensive SiP (System in Package) solutions.
In the past years, 3D IC and 2.5D Technologies are demonstrated as one the ultimate potential solutions for effective systemizing integration, driving a whole spectrum of IC package interconnection technologies not only for high bandwidth & low power, but also to fulfill advanced design requirements.
Based on latest developed 3D IC technologies for new applications, this presentation will discuss cost effective SiP examples as well as re-positioning semiconductor value chain, business model and technology strategy.



ST252.5D/3D ICs:
Recent Advances in the Industry

Suresh Ramalingam

Packaging Design and Technology, Senior Director


Driven by the ever increasing internet bandwidth needs, 2.5D/3D packaging with TSV has gained a lot of attention, interest and momentum.  Significant increase in interconnection density, reduction in latency and improvement in Bandwidth-per-watt makes this technology attractive. The technology also provides system cost optimization opportunities that help counter the increasing wafer and fab costs.   Starting with High End CMOS image sensors and High Power applications the technology looks to penetrate High Performance FPGA, Graphics, CPU and mobile applications.   In the presentation we will examine the key enabling technologies such as interposers, TSV, micro-bump, assembly integration and supply chain.  Future trends in 2.5D and 3D will also be discussed



ST26A wafer-level system integration (Pseudo-SoC) technology and its wearable intelligent smart senor module application

Hiroshi Yamada

Senior Research Scientist
Electron Devices Laboratory,Corporate Reseach & Development Center
Toshiba Corp. 


This presentation provides an overview of the pseudo-SoC (System on Chip) technology which overcomes the limitation of the heterogeneous devices integration with wafer-level system integration in the electronics products, and then offers the prototype model of the wearable intelligent smart senor module which has high-density one-chip AFE (Analog Front End) circuits realized by the pseudo-SoC technology.










 GSA Forum       WoIoT_icon    applicationsoponsor5

 - IoT& Its Application-

>>Click here for the latest agenda.



Trillion Sensors:

Foundation for abundance and Internet of Everything

Janusz Bryzek


 CEO and Chairman

TSensors Summit, Inc. 





















































 Manufacturing Innovation Forumapplication

- Manufacturing Technologies in Sub -10 nm Era -


Mass supply of semiconductor devices with high functionality and high performance at low cost is essential to realize IoT revolution, which will drastically change our life style. Executives of leading enterprises talk about their strategies and views on manufacturing innovation with the scope of sub 10nm generation.


     Yoichi Ishikawa
     VP&General Manager, New Product Development Division



ST33Moore’s Law is Alive and Well

Tsuyoshi Abe

Director and Senior Executive Officer, Vice President General Manager of Technology & Manufacturing Group Japan
Intel K.K.


Over the past 40 years, the semiconductor industry has been thriving on Moore’s Law, enabling new semiconductor devices with higher functionality and complexity, while controlling power, cost, and size. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) era is right at our doorstep and industry experts predict that by the year 2020, there will be well over 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. These IoT devices together with cloud computing will continue drive demand for high performance semiconductors with low power consumption. As a result, Moore’s Law will play a pivotal role in controlling the cost of semiconductors. This presnetaton will ilustrate how Moore’s Law will bring beneift to the development of leading edge semicondutors with trends in ICT industry.




Yuichiro Yamazaki

CTO, Director of Strategic Planning, 
NGR Inc.





ST35Big Data for Semiconductor SCM and Manufacturing

Hattori Ryuichiro

Senior Managing Consultant Gloval Business Services Global Center of Competence Electronics


About Big Data & Analytics for Semiconductor Manufacturing, this presentation will review basic requirement of Big Data & Analytics, Big Data and Analytics architecture and steps toward target architecture, then will introduce Big Data Analytics approach in IBM Microelectronics and reference cases. As summary, Big Data & Analytics is ready to be adopted NOW for business needs including speed up of existing routine analysis work with future roadmap toward cognitive computing in Semiconductor Manufacturing.



[Limit on the number of seminar/event registration]
The maximum number of seminars/events you may pre-register is 16. Thank you for your understanding.

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