Dates: 10:20-16:50 Wed., Dec. 16 - Thur. Dec. 18 free_icon 

 Venue: TechSTAGESOUTH(East Hall 3)/ TechSTAGENORTH(East Hall 5), Tokyo Big Sight



ATTENTION: No Interpretation Available




SEMI Technology Symposium (STS) 13 sessions


・TSS1 STS Power Device Session1
New material power devices: The trend of technology and application
・TSS2 STS Power Device Session2
New material power devices: The trend of technology and application
・TSS4 STS Advanced Lithography Session1
Proress of EUV lithography for HVM
・TSS5 STS Advanced Lithography Session2
Cost-Effective pattening and mask technologies
・TSS6 STS Special Session -AI -
Temporarily: The future of semiconductor devices - to the AI/Robotics
・TSS8 STS TSV/2.5D/3D Session
Reexamination of Dream and Reality for TSV/2.5D/3D Jisso
・TSS9 STS Packaging Session
Wearable JISSO technologies of the IoT era
・TSN1 STS MEMS/Sensor Session 1
Wearable sensing for human health care
・TSN2 STS MEMS/Sensor Session 2
MEMS technology topics and new application
・TSN3 STS Test Session
Test technical forefront Challenge to cost and quality of automotive device
・TSN6 STS DFMSession
"Semiconductor industries proceed restructuring into fabless and foundry model by mergers and acquisitions.
Enhance further value on collaboration between fabless and foundry through DFM!"
・TSN7 STS Advanced Device Session1
Future vision for advanced device and process 1
・TSN8 STS Advanced Device Session2
Future vision for advanced device and process 2






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Presentation Materials is available


Please note that the purchase is discouraged without sufficient Japanese comprehension level, since presentations are mostly in Japanese.

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SEMI Technology Symposium(STS)Program Comittee


STS has been planned with input from advisors, committee and their companies ensuring that all themes, sessions and activities are highly relevant to today’s microelectronics industry.




Limit on the number of seminar/event registration


The maximum number of seminars/events you may pre-register is 16. Thank you for your understanding.




How to register


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