450mm Transition Status with SEMI Standardizaton View

Notch Less System Consideration Started!


Friday, December 6
Room 303, 3F, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe

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Since 2008, SEMI has published over fifteen 450 mm wafer Standards. These Specifications, covering wafers, carriers, and loadports, have enabled the industry to continue the development of equipment, materials, interfaces, and processes.

This program aimed to give clear and detailed explanations about published 450 mm Standards.

In addittion, Global 450mm Consortium (G450C) presents brief update on silicon materials and tool development at G450C and the progress of notchless wafers, design of alternative fiducial marks, and SEMI standardization schedules.


Session Co-chairs:

Shoji Komatsu, President, Acteon


Opening Remarks


Shoji Komatsu






Transition To 450mm Notchless Wafers 


Pinyen Lin

Director of Etch Engineering

Global 450mm Consortium


G450C has been collaborating with SEMI members to lead the industry transition to 450mm notchless wafers.  The author will present brief update on silicon materials and tool development at G450C.  In addition, the author will discuss the progress of notchless wafers, design of alternative fiducial marks, and SEMI standardization schedules.



Explanation for 450mm Silicon Wafer Standards (M1, M62, M74 and M76)


Tetsuya Nakai

Manager, Engineering Planning Department, Technology Division



In SEMI Standards Silicon Wafer Committee, we have developed the SEMI 450mm wafer standards required from industry in response to the progress of 450mm developmental stage, such as Mechanical handling Wafers (M74), Developmental Wafers (M76), Product Wafers (M1), and Epitaxial Wafers (M62).We explain the background and detail specifications for each SEMI Standards. Also, we outline the trend of standadization for 450mm notchless wafer and Edge Exclusion = 1.5mm.



Overall Concepts of 450mm SEMI Standards


Shoji Komatsu




About 450mm-related SEMI Standards, we explain a background of the development, the activity actual situation of each technical committee and relation of each standard clearly.



G88, G92 and G95 on 450mm Packaging Process


Sumio Masuchi

Marketing Group Sales Engineering Division



I will present an explanation about the standardization of the tape frame and the tape frame cassette used from the dicing process through the die bonding process. Also I'm going to explain the history about past processes and the revision details which we are currently discussing.



Explanations for 450 FOUP (E158), 450MAC(E159) and 450 FOSB (M80)


Akira Kashimoto

Manager, Technology General Group, FI Division

Shin-Etsu Polymer Co.,Ltd.


Explanations of 3 kinds of 450mm carrier standards(FOUP, MAC and FOSB) will be provided. In addition, status update will also be given regarding 450mm Wafer Shipping Syetem standardization to minimize the total cost relating to transport of 450 mm wafers from the wafer supplier to the customer.  






Explanation for 450mm Load Port (E154, E162 and E83)


Tsutomu Okabe

Engineer Production Engineering Group



450mm Load port is basically the scale-up version of 300mm Load port. This explains 450mm Load port Standard with focuses on the difference between 450mm and 300mm Load port, and the additional new function for 450mm Load port.  Also, this presents the latest revised Standard for PGV mechanical docking flange along with the wafer size up to 450mm.



E166 and 450mm Process Module Physical Interface Standard Activity


Sensho Kobayashi

Senior Engineer Common Platform Project Dept.

Tokyo Electorn


Explanation of the key points for E166 (standard for mechanical interface between transfer module and process module comprising the cluster tool and wafer transport plane for 450mm.) which was published in this May as new standard and explanation of activity for the future revision point in E166.






Closing Remarks


Shoji Komatsu




Figure: Overview of 450mm SEMI Standards




 450mm Transition Status with SEMI Standardizaiton View
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