SEMI EHS Standards Workshop:

EHS Challenges for 450mm


Wednesday, December 4
Room 304, 3F, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe

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The increased wafer size and weight at 450mm is expected to bring additional environmental health and safety related challenges to the semiconductor industry. This workshop will explore those challenges by focusing on risk assessment, ergonomics, lifting related issues, and environmental impact mitigation demands to identify applicable SEMI Standards or lack of such Standards.
The workshop will also include a panel discussion where attendees can share their 450mm EHS concerns.


Session Co-chairs:

Supika Mashiro, Tokyo Electron
Hidetoshi Sakura, Intel
Moray Crawford, Hatsuta Seisakusho





Synergy Between SEMI ESH Standards and 450mm Consortium Efforts

Frank Robertson

General Manager, Industry/Stategy



The 450mm transition represents an opportunity for the industry to improve the sustainability of its operations through attention to efficient use of resources and minimization of effluents, as well as to optimize equipment and infrastructure for safety and ergonomics. The G450C program will verify compliance with applicable SEMI safety and ergonomics standards and characterize the use rates of process materials as part of its demostrations.  The industry is also coordinating globally to address challenges related to critical materials like GHGs, He, water, etc. that may be more important with manufacturing on larger wafers.



Prominent Hazard in 450mm Equipment and Risk Assessment 1

Naokatsu Nishiguchi
Technology Coordination Section 1, Enginnering Control Department,
Products Manufacturing Devision, Semiconductor Equipment Company   

The next generation wafer “450mm correspondence” is one of the motions which have large influence on SME Industry. Shift to 450 mm has many technological issues compared with shift to 300 mm. Also, it is thought that safety hazards also increase. Here, Prominent hazard in 450mm Equipment and the contents which should be taken into consideration in risk assessment are described



Prominent Hazard in 450mm Equipment and Risk Assessment 2

Yuji Hamano
Project Engineer, Commercial Products
TUV Rheinland Japan

Along with the scale-up to 450-mm wafer, many SME mauncaturers face to scale up the size of their products.
The standards and their requirements, which concern new potential hazards and risks related to four points as Integration , Heavy weight, Closed area and High working place, will be explained.



Relation between SEMIS10 and ISO 13849-1

Eiji Nakatani
Technology Management Depretment Spinner Technology Division

Dainippon Screen Mfg.

In SEMI there is a SEMI S10 that is guideline for risk assessment. When the equipment is designed ,its designs based on SEMI S10 and do the protective measures. Its interlock such as protective measures do risk assessment based on  ISO 13849-1 to determine PLr .  In this session,  I explains about selection of Plr  relates between SEMI S10 and ISO13849-1.







Hidetoshi Sakura
Senior Engineer, JCME

This session focuses on what kind of impact is expected to meet SEMI S2 and S8 for 450mm Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.



Description of a SEMI environmental guide (S23, 29)


George Hoshi

Group Leader, Senior Manager



About energy saving and the measure against greenhouse gases (F-GHG) which are the two major points in an environmental programs. It introduce about the contents of SEMI S23 (Guide of the equipment energy conservation using electric power energy conversion factor) and SEMI S29 (Guide of F-GHG emission measurement) and effective use.



Panel Discussion: EHS Challenges for 450mm



Frank Robertson, G450C

Naokatsu Nishiguchi, Dainippon Screen Mfg.

Yuji Hamano, TUV Rheinland Japan

Eiji Nakatani, Dainippon Screen Mfg.

Hidetoshi Sakura, Intel

George Hoshi, Tokyo Electron



Summary & Closing





SEMI EHS Standards Workshop: EHS Challenges for 450mm
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