450mm Manufacturing EHS and Facilities Seminar



Thursday, December 5
Room 304, 3F, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe

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This seminar will address environment, health and safety (EHS) considerations, implications, challenges and opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers and their supply chains as they move to 450mm wafer technologies. It is beneficial program not only for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and component suppliers but also for facility suppliers and chemical suppliers. 


Session Co-chairs:

Toshi Matsuda, Tokyo Electron

Toshiaki Nishihara, Dainippon Screen Manufacturing





Guidance for EHS Challenges in the 450mm Transition


Frank Robertson

General Manager, Industry/Stategy


The 450mm transition represents an opportunity for the industry to improve the sustainability of its operations through attention to efficient use of resources and minimization of effluents, as well as to optimize equipment and infrastructure for safety and ergonomics. The G450C program will verify compliance with applicable SEMI safety and ergonomics standards and characterize the use rates of process materials as part of its demostrations.  The industry is also coordinating globally to address challenges related to critical materials like GHGs, He, water, etc. that may be more important with manufacturing on larger wafers.



450mm Facility Considerations

Allen Ware
Program Executive, F450C

Vice President, Advanced Technology Facilities, M+W Group


Adrian Maynes

Program Manager, Advanced Technology Facilities, M+W Group


Making 450mm a reality is not only a monumental task from a technical and manufacturing standpoint, but as we consider the facility infrastructure, it becomes apparent that merely scaling the new facility is not a practical option.



Environmental Impact Reduction Approach in Next-Generation Tool 

Hisato Tanaka
Senior Engineer, Common Platform Project Dept., System Development Division
Tokyo Electron Limited

George Hoshi
Group Leader, Senior Manager
Tokyo Electron Limited


The 450mm transition increases the environmental impact and energy consumption. The basic approach to reduce the environmental impact of next-generation tool is inheritance of 300mm tool's best-known method based on the SEMI S23. Further approach is the consideration of the comprehensive environmental impact reduction of a semiconductor fab. We introduce these approaches to reduce the environmental impact in the 450mm era.





Summary & Closing




450mm Manufacturing EHS and Facilities Seminar
Until Fri. Nov. 22: JPY 16,000* / From Sat. Nov. 23: JPY 19,000*

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