Seminars & Events at the Conference Tower


  Date: Wednesday, December 3 - Friday, December 5    9:30-18:30 

  Venue: Conference Tower, Tokyo Big Sightapplication

Wed., Dec. 3

Thur., Dec. 4

Fri., Dec 5


SEMI EHS Standard
Energetics Workshop


SEMI Presidents





SEMATECH Symposium 


Int'l EHS Comlliance & Regulatory Seminar


Hospitality Seminar
TRUMPF Huettinger


SEMI Standards Friendship Party



Sustainbale Manufacturing & High Tech Facility Forum





Verious seminars related to EHS & Business and Standards, and some networking events will be held in the Conference Tower through 3 days of SEMICON Japan 2014. 




  Wed., Dec. 3


 SEMI EHS Standards Energetics Workshop

Emerging Chemistries and their Combinations Introducing Risks to Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations, Fab, Environment and Life

 Room 607        Free_icon
 Conderence Tower 6F


 SEMI Presidents Reception



 Reception       Free_icon

 Hall B 

 Conderence Tower 1F


  Thur. Dec. 4



 SEMATECH Symposium

Future Vision for Semiconductor Manufacturing



 Room 605  
 Conference Tower 6F



 Int'l EHS Comlliance & Regulatory Seminar

-Regulatory Trends for lsemiconductor manufacturing  equipments and their impact on sipply chain- 


 Room 607
 Conference Tower 6F


  Hospitality Seminar - TRUMPF Huettinger

  Room 610 free_icon  
  Conference Tower 6F


 SEMI Standards Friendship Party


  Room 605 martini
  Conference Tower 6F

  Fri., Dec. 5



 Sustainable Manufacturing & High Facility Forum

-More and More High-Tech Facility - More Green and More Intelligent - 


   Room 607          Free_icon
  Conference Tower 6F


SEMI Standards Meetings



For nearly 40 years, the SEMI International Standards program has served the global microelectronics industry with standards and guidelines that advance manufacturing processes, lower costs, and grow markets. SEMI Standards meetings and events at SEMICON Japan will address the latest developments in standards, and committee volunteers will meet to shape the next-generation of SEMI Standards.
Please check this page for more information as we build the SEMICON Japan 2013 agenda!



About SEMI Standards Activities


SEMI Standards Meeting Schedule will be open soon.

The SEMI Standards Regulations now require that all meeting participants be registered as SEMI Standards Program Members in advance. To become a SEMI Standards Program Member, meeting attendees must register as a Standards Program Member on-line prior to the meeting(s). SEMI Standards Program Membership is available to any interested person without charge and is independent of any other SEMI membership. If you are not yet a Program Member, please register now.

SEMI Standards Membership Application Form



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