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450mm Transition Forum

Newest trends in the transition towards 450mm


The  New York, USA consortium G450C has finally started moving towards implementation, and its project to launch a pilot line is proceeding forward.

However, the transition towards 450mm has caused issues between device makers and suppliers, and is bound to have more than a small effect on the industry. In this session, there will be a comprehensive discussion regarding the status of the transition to 450mm, the effect on the supply chain, and other related issues.



Thu., December 6




Convention Hall A, 2F, Int'l Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe

Chair Masao Fukuma, SIRIJ
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13:30-13:35 Introduction



Enabling a Cost-effective 450mm Transition

(Presentation in PDF)


Frank H. Robertson

Vice President and General Manager,
Industry Interface and Program Strategy



G450C is rapidly expanding its wafer processing and metrology capabilities to supply test wafers supporting Supplier development and preparing to demonstrate the 450mm tool set as equipment reaches pre-production maturity.  Updated requirements for 14nm have been defined with Supplier input and are being published this year along with reference to the applicable standards for fab equipment.  Related efforts in defining EHS, facilities, Back End and other guidelines are under way with Suppliers and SEMI.  The consortium is working globally on pre-competitive collaboration opportunities to drive a cost-effective wafer size transition.


WW Electronics and semiconductor long-term market view and 450mm era

(Presentation in PDF)


Akira Minamikawa
Vice President, Japan Research
IHS iSuppli Japan


Advanced Lithography Systems for 450 mm Wafer Processing

(Presentation in PDF)


Kazuo Ushida
Director, Member of the Board & Senior Executive Officer
President, Precision Equipment Company
Nikon Corporation

An overview of the Nikon scanner concepts and development roadmap for the transition to 450 mm wafers.


Risks and Opportunities Surrounding the Inflection Point of the Decade

(Presentation in PDF)


Akihisa Sekiguchi

VP and General Manager, SPE Marketing

Tokyo Electron Ltd.


As the benefit of scaling has decreased, action and discussion regarding 450mm transition have been accelerated among device makers, consortia and suppliers. First, technological issues associated with 450mm transition will be discussed from a tool supplier's perspective.
Then, the speaker will state that collaborative work among supply chain members, such as Japanese suppliers which have produced innovative technology, is necessary to achieve a successful transition. Finally, the speaker will propose what could be done for the supply chain surrounding this Inflection Point of the Decade.








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