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Nine Executive Forums will give you new perspectives on the future of the micro-electronics supply chain.

(English-Japanese Translation. Admission free)

Opening Keynote: The Future that IoT will Bring

Wed. December 16 at 10:20-12:00


Global top executives will talk about their vision for the accelerating digitization of our society, life and business with the development of Internet of Things.

fujituu yamamoto

Masami Yamamoto



Amur S. Lakshminarayanan

Presdent & CEO

Tata Consultancy Services Japan


Masaya Mori

Executive Officer & Representative

Rakuten Institute of Technology

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Networking Events

SEMI Technology Symposium


Connect with colleagues, partners, executives, and friends and advance conversations that can lead to new business opportunities.



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The SEMI Technology Symposium at SEMICON Japan is a premier technical forum for discovering and learning about the latest developments in semiconductor manufacturing.



  ■ Special Session

Future of the Semiconductor Devices
- Deployments in AI and Robotics

  ■ Power Device Session (1) (2)

New Material Power Devices

  ■ MEMS & Sensors Session (1)(2)

Wearable Sensing for Healthcare
MEMS New Developments

  ■ Test Session

Test Technologies for Automotive Semiconductors

  ■ Advanced Lithography Session (1)(2)

EUV Lithography Updates
New Patterning and Mask Technologies

  ■ Desing for Manufacturing Session

DFM in the Trends towards Fabless/Foundry Manufacturing and Alliances

  ■ TSV/2.5D/3D Session

The Dreams and Reality of TSV/2.5D/3D Packaging

  ■ Packaging Session

Wearable Packaging in IoT Era

  ■ Advanced Device/Process Session (1)(2)

Current Status and Future Outlook of Advanced Device Processes


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Stages on Show Floor



Do not miss the lectures on the latest trends in technology and business at two TechSTAGEs on the show floor. Admission-free. Please register online to secure your seat.

 TechSTAGE South     TechSTAGE NORTH




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Exhibitor Presentations



Is the Key to Japan's Revival "High Reliability Semiconductors"?

Wed. December 16 at 10:20-16:00


This forum will share user issues and discussing if “highly reliable semiconductor manufacturing technology is the key to Japan’s semiconductor revival.”




US Track

Trends in the US Semiconductor Industry

Thu. December 17 at 12:50–16:00

Planned by US Embassy Commercial Service


Explore the trends in the US semiconductor industry throuth presentations by NVIDIA, Xilinx and Altera.


US Commercial Service


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Explore in-depth information of products and technologies beyond the booth at exhibitor presentations available in the Exhibtor Seminar Rooms and on TechSPOT stages on the show floor.




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SEMI Standards


For nearly 40 years, the SEMI International Standards program has served the global microelectronics industry with standards and guidelines that advance manufacturing processes, lower costs, and grow markets. SEMI Standards meetings and events at SEMICON Japan will address the latest developments in standards, and committee volunteers will meet to shape the next-generation of SEMI Standards.


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