SEMI Standards Activities

For more than 40 years, the SEMI International Standards program has served the global microelectronics industry with standards and guidelines that advance manufacturing processes, lower costs, and grow markets. SEMI Standards meetings and events at SEMICON Japan will address the latest developments in standards, and committee volunteers will meet to shape the next-generation of SEMI Standards.



SEMI Standards Membership

The SEMI Standards Regulations now require that all meeting participants be registered as SEMI Standards Program Members in advance. To become a SEMI Standards Program Member, meeting attendees must register as a Standards Program Member on-line prior to the meeting(s). SEMI Standards Program Membership is available to any interested person without charge and is independent of any other SEMI membership. If you are not yet a Program Member, please register now.



SEMI Standards Meetings

Date & Time : 8:00-17:00, December 11-14
Venue : 6F&7F, Conference Tower
*Meetings on Dec. 11 at SEMI Japan office

Meeting schedule:http://www1.semi.org/en/node/136556/

SEMI Standards Friendship Party

SEMI International Standards members are cordially invited to attend complementary reception.

Date & Time : 17:30-19:00, December 13
Venue : Room 608, 6F, Conference Tower
Free of Charge

Workshop: Traceability for IoT and Microelectronics Manufacturing Supply Chain

The guest speakers will introduce the following documents for the standardized communication process for advancing microelectronics manufacturing.

New Standard: Specification for Equipment and Materials Labels [6448]
New Standard: Specification for Equipment and Materials Part Traceability [6449]
New Standard: Specification for Single Device Traceability for the Supply Chain [6450]

Date & Time :​11:00-12:40, December 12
Venue : Room 607, 6F, Conference Tower


EDA Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to reconfirm the contents of the SEMI standard that defines specifications for data collection of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (EDA specifications), and to discuss it.

Date & Time :​14:00-17:00, December 12
Venue : Room 607, 6F, Conference Tower


<3D Packaging and Integration>
How Industry Standards are helped to accelerate the PLP wider adoption in the market?

10:20-11:10, Thursday, December 13


With introduction of current SEMI Standard activities, key Fan-out PLP materials and equipment providers will discuss the FO- PLP technology readiness to market-in. The roadblock for wider adoption of PLP technology to more application will be discussed and how the industry standard can help for the FO-PLP to penetrate into the wider markets.

Opening Remarks

Introduction of SEMI Standards Activity related to 3D Packaging & Integration
Masahiro Tsuriya
(3D Packaging & Integration Japan TC Chapter co-chair, iNEMI)

Panel Discussion

  • Tetsuya Yamada  (TOWA Corporation)
  • Katsuyuki Ito  (Fujifilm Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.,)
  • Shinichi Sato  (Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd., )


Haruo Shimamoto
(3D Packaging & Integration Japan TC Chapter co-chair, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology [AIST])

<Information & Control>
SEMI Factory Automation Standards, the Enabler of Smarter Fab Operation

11:20-12:10, Wednesday, December 12


This session introduces SEMI Standards “GEM300 and EDA (equipment data acquisition)” that has been making semiconductor manufacturing line smarter, also introduces recently developed “SEMI E170 Secured Foundation Of Recipe Management System”.

Presentation Title

Making Smart Manufacturing Work: The Stakeholder-Driven Requirements Development Proces


Alan Weber  (Cimetrix Inc.)

Presentation Title

Secured and Operation Oriented Advanced RMS


Osamu Oishi  (IBM Japan Services Company Ltd.)

<Automation Technology>
SEMI A1, A Smart M2M Interface to Realize Connected Factory

11:20-12:10, Thursday, December 13


This session introduces an advanced M2M interface “SEMI A1 Horizontal Communication”, which makes flow-shop type manufacturing line smarter by “Simultaneous transportation of material and its data” and “Autonomous cooperation among equipment”, and its application to SMT assembly line.

Presentation Title

Advanced M2M Interface to Make Manufacturing Line Smarter


Takeo Yamaki (Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation)

Presentation Title

New M2M Interface “SMASH” for SMT Assembly Line, the Successor of SMEMA



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