Workshop: Traceability for IoT and Microelectronics Manufacturing Supply Chain

Conference Room 607, Conference Tower Wednesday, December 12
11:00am to 12:40pm


SEMI Standards

Conference room 607, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan

11:00-12:40, Wednesday, December 12

Workshop: Traceability for IoT and Microelectronics Manufacturing Supply Chain



The SCIS* Traceable Verification Working Group has developed an information exchange model to enable an industry standard parts traceability process focusing on identification (ID) and data format. In parallel, CAST* Chip ID Working Group has developed a standardized approach for traceable die-level ID throughout the IC manufacturing, test, and assembly processes to the point of use in the final system. These industry-driven initiatives resulted in the formation of new task forces at SEMICON West 2018 under the SEMI Standards North America Traceability Technical Committee.

Led by representatives from GlobalFoundries, Samsung, and LAM Research, the Equipment and Materials Traceability (EMT) Task Force will develop standards addressing defects introduced by process-critical materials, equipment and components affecting final product quality, yield and manufacturing costs.

Meanwhile, the Single Device Traceability (SDT) Task Force will focus on development of specifications enabling traceable device-level ID that applies to different device configurations from single IC to multi-chip/3D structures. The task force leadership team represents Cisco, STMicroelectronics, and PDF Solutions.

As part of the SEMI Standards development process, Standards New Activity Forms (SNARFs) have been authorized for the development of the following documents:

The guest speakers will introduce their documents above.  In addition to that, the speakers and the participants will be sharing and exchanging their ideas for their standardized communication process for advancing microelectronics manufacturing. 

*The SCIS (Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems)
*CAST (Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test) 



Dave Huntley  (PDF Solutions)
Doug Suerich  (Peer Group)


Program Chairs

Yoichi Iga  (Toshiba)
Hirokazu Tsunobuchi  (Keyence)




Opening remarks
Yoichi Iga 
Toshiba, Japan TC
Chapter co-chair


Introduction of Ballot #6450 from Single Device Traceability TF
Dave Huntley
PDF Solutions
Task Force leader


Introduction of Document#6448 / #6449 from Equipment & Materials Traceability TF
Doug Suerich
Peer Group
Task Force Member


Q&A and exchanging ideas with participants


Closing remarks
Hirokazu Tsunobuchi
Keyence, Japan TC
Chapter co-chair




Registration to SEMICON Japan 2018 is required separately if you wish to enter the event.  Register SEMICON Japan 2018 here.  
SEMI Standards membership is not required to participate in this workshop. 




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