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SEMICON Japan is more than just a trade show.
It serves as an information hub to learn, share, exchange, and explore the latest technology and business information on the electronics manufacturing supply chain.
You won’t want to miss presentations from and networking opportunities with global visionaries and leading technologists from across industry.


Seminar application will start on October 1 

Opening Keynote Speakers 



Motoi Ishibashi,

Motoi Ishibashi, CTO of Rhizomatiks, will discuss the latest virtual and mixed reality technologies. Rhizomatiks, a Japanese media art company that staged the Rio Olympic Games closing ceremony and will orchestrate the opening performance at SEMICON Japan 2018, is dedicated to creating large-scale commercial projects combining technology with the arts.


Toru Nishikawa,
president and CEO
Preferred Networks

Toru Nishikawa, president and CEO at Preferred Networks, will explore computer requirements for enabling deep learning applications. Preferred Networks, a deep-learning research startup, is conducting collaborative research with technology giants including Toyota Motors, Fanuc, NVIDIA, Intel and Microsoft.

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