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SEMICON Japan 2018
Downloadable presentation materials


Type of downloadable presentation materials

[SD1] Business Package
JPY10,800 (Tax Included)
[SD2] Technology(STS) Seminar Package
JPY10,800 (Tax Included)
[SD3] IOT Package
JPY10,800 (Tax Included)
[SD4] SEMICON Japan Presentation Materials All in One Package
JPY 27,000 (Tax Included)  32,400


[SD4] All in One Package contains [SD1] Business Package, [SD2] Technology(STS) Seminar Package, and [SD3] IOT Package with JPY5,400 discount.


[SD1] Business Package   JPY10,800 (Tax Included)

Contains seminars below

  • SuperTHEATER SEMI Market Forum
  • Sustainable High Tech Fab Forum
  • EDA Update
  • SCIS: Collaboration among Supply Chain
  • Semiconductor Secondary Equipment Business Seminar
  • Global Chemicals Legislation Forum


[SD2] Technology (STS) Seminar Package   JPY10,800 (Tax Included)

Contains 13 sessions as follows

  • STS Special Session
  • STS Materials & Analysis Session
  • STS Power Device Session(1)
  • STS Power Device Session(2)
  • STS Packaging Session(1)
  • STS Packaging Session(2)
  • STS Advanced Lithography Session(1)
  • STS Advanced Lithography Session(2)
  • ​STS Test Session
  • STS MEMS/Sensor Session(1)
  • STS MEMS/Sensor Session(2)
  • STS Advanced Device Process Session(1)
  • STS Advanced Device Process Session(2)


[SD3] IOT Package   JPY10,800 (Tax Included)

Contains seminars below

  • STS Special Session
  • STS Power Device Session(1)
  • STS Power Device Session(2)
  • STS MEMS/Sensor Session(1)
  • STS MEMS/Sensor Session(2)
  • SMART Data Seminar
  • SMART Medtech Seminar
  • SMART Manufacturing Forum
  • SMART Connectivity & Platform Seminar



Please place your order after reading and agreeing with the notes below.

  1. Please note that some downloadable presentation materials without approval for posting are not included, and some downloadable presentation materials are not the same as presentation materials used at the venue.
  2. Unauthorized use, disclosure, or reproduction is strictly prohibited.
  3. Using English is recommended for downloadable presentation materials, but some presentation materials are written in Japanese.


Payment Method: Credit card only

If you wish to have a receipt, please email to inform us at jeventinfo@semi.org.


Cancellation Policy

You cannot cancel after you have placed your purchase order.




The presentation materials will be available  to download at MY PAGE after payment completion.



SEMICON Japan 2018 Show Management Support (Sakura International Inc.)
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 *Available Mon - Fri (except holidays) from 9:30 - 12:00/13:00 - 17:30 (local time)
Email : semicon@sakurain.co.jp

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