SEMICON Japan organized INNOVATION VILLAGE Committee this year.


The role of committee members are…

■ Selection of Pitch companies

■ Evaluation for on-site presentation and award selection 


  Committee members



IVC 圓城寺 啓一

Enjoji Kay

Venture Capital

- message -

I am Enjoji from TEL Venture Capital, the founder of the SEMICON Japan Innovation Village Committee.

This start-up introductory event at SEMICON began at West in 2013.
As the committee, we have been involved in its running, and succeeded in holding the fourth annual event this year.

A similar event was held in Japan to that of last year,and the same Committee with the following members was formed to further enhance the event this year.
I hope that new Si-related technologies and innovative semiconductor-related technologies are introduced to a wide audience through this event, and will facilitate “fund-raising” and “business partner development” for their commercialization. 


 IVC 浅田賢

Asada Ken

Tokyo Office Investment Director
Intel Capital Japan

- message -

Intel Capital has been investing in Japan since 1999, and has supported venture companies who offer superior skills and target global business development.
We look forward to meeting many venture companies in the SEMICON Japan Innovation Village again this year.  Thank you for your application.


 IVC 豊田暢之

Toyoda    Nobuyuki

Office of President Manager

- message -

My name is Toyoda, and I handle Corporate Venture Capital at JSR Corporation, a chemical materials manufacturer.
Despite ongoing concerns, such as the slow pace of economic recovery worldwide and increased uncertainty induced by Brexit, I have been impressed with news reports of Ichiro’s 3,000th hit and the tremendous results achieved by our athletes at the Rio Olympics.
At this event, I relish once again reviewing superb business plans that may benefit our world and moving presentations by start-ups with the spirit to take on their chosen challenge without fear of failure.


IVC 林翼鉉 

Lim Ikhyun

Head of Japan Office
Venture Investment

- message -

Recent trends related to new technologies, such as IoT and Big Data, have the potential to significantly change society and business models.
Therefore, the necessity to establish a venture ecosystem and open innovation has certainly been increasing in Japan as well.
Under such circumstances, we would like to stretch our ability to the limit in order to contribute to the establishment of innovative business models.


IVC 金子文武 

Kaneko    Fumitake

Corporate Venturing Division
General Manager
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo

- message -

I am honored to participate with you in SEMICON Japan, which is the largest of its kind in the world.
The number of start-ups in Japan has been increasing each year, and among them, the number of venture companies who are competing in a global arena has also increased. 
I expect that the venture industry will prosper with the discovery and support of internationally active venture companies through the Innovation Village.  

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