INNOVATION VILLAGE exhibitors list Robosensor Technology Research, Inc.

Company Name Robosensor Technology Research, Inc.
Name Masayoshi Ohmura
URL https://robosensor.co.jp/
Title for your speech EVERYWHERE TOUCH SENSOR 
Seminar contents about your products and service
We wove cloth with very thin piezo wires as warp and weft threads together with common yarns, and produced the new woven cloth sensor. The woven cloth sensor indicates piezoelectric property for both warp and weft threads, and has high sensitivity to deformation due to pushing pressure without any electric power source. Moreover, it is lightweight, supple and breathable, while it can be manufactured as large area cloth like general ones . Because it is flexible and highly compliant with curved surfaces, 3D sewing is also possible. So, we think it is suitable for wearable usage as well. The woven cloth sensor has many excellent features and is expected to be utilized in various ways. At Semicon Japan 2017, we are going to exhibit a bed sheet as an example of utilization to show the new woven cloth sensor’s characteristics.


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