INNOVATION VILLAGE exhibitors list Melody International Ltd.

Company Name Melody International Ltd.
Name Yuko Ogata
URL https://melody.international/
Title for your speech Safe and secure deliveries for all mothers - Perinatal telemedicine platform.
Seminar contents about your products and service
In advanced countries, the number of obstetricians decreases and the elderly birth increases, so the birthing environment is deteriorating. In developing countries, the ultrasound perinatal check up rate is much lower, and perinatal mortality rate is several ten to several hundred times higher than Japan. With the internet-ready perinatal telemedicine platform "Melody i" for doctors and mother with IoT type mobile remote fetal heart rate monitor as the core. Pregnant women can inspect the condition of the fetus and get appropriate guidance with staying at home or at the maternity home. Doctors can grasp the condition of fetuses and pregnant women in advance and take appropriate instructions and acceptance. So that problems such as super busy and litigation risk can be reduced.


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