INNOVATION VILLAGE exhibitors list healthbit,inc.

Company Name healthbit,inc.
Name Hideo Hesaka
URL https://www.healthbit.jp/
Title for your speech We change the world by Physical age instead of Real age.
Seminar contents about your products and service
Real age is becoming the bottleneck of economy in Japan under world fastest aging society. We would like to realize the world to be able to make new growth by using Physical age.                                                      Personal cloud system :We calculate physical age within 4 minutes by weight,chest,grip strength, and one-leg stand test with closing eyes. You can improve every score, as you can easily simulate. It will be widely utilized in various ways such as health conscious management, fitness club, HR, match making, insurance and so on. Already utilize for 401K with incentive in which you can get one thousand yen when your Physical age is one year younger than your real age.


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