INNOVATION VILLAGE exhibitors list Creator's NEXT.inc

Company Name Creator's NEXT.inc
Name Nozomu Kubota
URL KOBIT : https://kobit.in/
Movie : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE3yAF9elsY
Creator's NEXT.inc : https://cnxt.jp/
Title for your speech KOBIT- Work will be completed while sleeping.
Seminar contents about your products and service
The Elves and the shoemaker is my favorite story in Grimm Fairy Tales. The Elves helped the honest, hardworking shoemaker at night, which made the whole world happy. More than 200 years later, do we make diligent, professional shoemakers happier? Or do we hear sad news derived from overtime works? KOBIT is named after KOBITO, which means Elves in my mind. KOBIT never sleeps. KOBIT never makes mistakes. People don’t have to work in the area which KOBIT can work. People can focus their precious time to more creative works by using KOBIT.


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