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CHYI DING Technologies Co., Ltd.

ロゴ:CHYI DING Technologies Co., Ltd.


Press Releases


We Provide the Perfect Craft of Clean Air.

CHD TECH is brilliant at minienvironment control: detection, removing airborne molecular contamination (AMC), and controlling accurate temperature and humidity.
Moreover, over a decade experience in cleanroom design and energy-saving construction, make CHD TECH professional in many areas, for instance, N2 booth & purifier, air monitoring mobile station and air purifier.

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Thermal Control Unit, TCU


Thermal AMC Prevention Unit, TAU

多種ガス オンライン解析システム

Inline AMC Monitoring Equipment, IAE-1000


Micro-Gasesous Contamination Analyser, MGC


Solvent Recycle Unit,SRU


Filmetrics Japan, Inc.



Press Releases


Please come and see our new Optical surface profiler.

Our New Optical Profiler, the Profilm3D is the world's first low-cost 3D surface profiler. Profilm3D has sub-nanometer vertical resolution and measures step height, roughness. Measurements of surface roughness and topography can be made with an instrument that costs less than a stylus profilometer.
The features are VIS and PSI measurement capabilities, Motorized X,Y,Z translatio , Autofocus, Tip/Tilt Stage ,Multiple objective lenses, Manual Turret and more.

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F50 自動膜厚マッピングシステム

F50 自動膜厚マッピングシステム

F3-sXシリーズ 基板厚・厚膜測定システム

F3-sXシリーズ 基板厚・厚膜測定システム

3次元表面形状測定システム プロフィルム3D

3次元表面形状測定システム プロフィルム3D


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